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read below what others had to say about the visioning process:

Visioning is a process I've used professionally, so its value and results have always been clear to me. In my personal relationships, I'd never really considered it. But why shouldn't "beginning with the end in mind" work there too?

This is where Beth came in. In one easy, eye opening session, she helped me see what a successful personal relationship looked like for me. Armed with that in mind, I met the most amazing woman shortly thereafter and was engaged within 3 months; we just welcomed our first child. I had clarity and confidence like I've never experienced before. I knew it was the right choice for me because I had already "seen" it and I have Beth to thank for that.
--Kevin K., career consultant, Washington, D.C. (relationship)

I met with Beth in 2012 while I was considering switching careers and going back to school. Meeting with Beth helped me to be clearer about what I wanted and to have the confidence to go for it. Our meeting also helped me to put aside the monetary fear of investing in school again. She had me write specific details of what I envisioned. Within a couple months I had signed up for the Nutrition program that I was interested in pursuing, graduated within a year and everything fell into place. I reached out to a potential employer before there was a job announcement and was warmly invited to become apart of the staff. When I went to look at my possible new office I realized it was very similar to what I had written down in our visioning exercise. Beth is great at what she does.
--Susie S., Nutrition Counselor, Baltimore, MD (career)

I was really skeptical about visioning going in. But I'd just been spinning my wheels on my own, so I knew I needed a new approach. After an hour with Beth, I had a clearer picture of what I wanted than after months of work on my own. Visioning doesn't just help you to articulate your goals. It helps you to recognize the right opportunities when they come along—and then act on them—instead of just letting them slip by. After that, things just started to fall into place for me. I won't lie—I was as surprised as anyone when I found exactly what I wanted only a few months after my visioning session. But you can't argue with results! And the thought process I learned has continued to help me both in my new career and in a lot of other areas of my life. I'm really happy I stepped outside the box and gave visioning a shot. If I hadn't I'd probably still be spinning my wheels and wasting time.
--Becky A., grant writer, Amelia Island, FL (career)

After spending my entire adult life in a series of bad relationships, I knew exactly what I didn’t want in a partner! Armed with the list of what I didn't want, I figured I would just know the right person when I met them. The fact that this same method had only led to more of the same didn’t occur to me. After several bad first dates, I was very frustrated and in need of some serious guidance. I went to Beth for help and she totally changed my way of thinking. She helped me to hone in on what exactly I was looking for, taught me to erase the negative, and how to envision my ideal partner in all the different aspects that contribute to a fulfilling relationship. At the end of our session I felt excited and empowered because I finally knew exactly what I wanted! Little did I know then how well this exercise would work—I met the true love of my life. We’ve been together a year now and recently I showed her the list I'd created during my visioning session with Beth. She was completely blown away, saying "I can’t believe how it’s exactly me! It's like you conjured me up with this list!" It’s truly like magic...and it really does work.
--Erin R., systems engineer, Baltimore, MD (relationship)

My visioning session with Beth was very powerful and really helped clarify my thinking about the next steps I wanted to take in my professional life. Beth creates an open, supportive, and non-judgmental environment in which I was able to explore any and all possibilities. She offers expert guidance throughout the process, and helps you consider avenues you may not have ever thought to explore--and she makes it fun. I left with such a clearer understanding of where I wanted to be--and felt that it was attainable. The best part? I reviewed our session after I had landed a new job, and it met almost every single parameter we had established in our session!
--Susan R., marketing director, Baltimore, MD (career)

My visioning session with Beth was a great opportunity to see myself from a different perspective, opening my eyes to a different aspect of myself that I have been unaware of. It definitely provided a deeper insight about my life and a moment to re-evaluate where I stand and want to go. If you feel lost or are not sure where you are going, or before making a life-changing decision, I strongly recommend a session with Beth.
--Chungwon C., professional pianist and teacher, Baltimore, MD (general)

I did my visioning session with Beth in the fall of 2010. She created a soothing environment where it was easy to be trutfhful to myself and to the whole experience. At the end of the session, with Beth's assistance, I was able to conjure a vision of the life I wanted to live. With that vision now I am working hard to achieve that goal. Thank you, Beth, for helping me visualize my tapestry.
-- Jiho S., web designer, Baltimore, MD www.jihonation.com (general)